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Channel Islands Harbor, 1 mile NW of Port Hueneme and 5.8 miles SE of Ventura Harbor, is a small craft harbor for pleasure and sportfishing vessels.

Channels - The entrance to Channel Islands Harbor is between two jetties protected by an offshore breakwater. Each end of the breakwater and both the seaward and inshore ends of both jetties are marked by lights. A fog signal is at the seaward end of the S jetty.
The area SE of the entrance is subject to rapid and uncertain shoaling. Mariners should exercise caution when approaching the harbor from the S, especially at night. The entrance channel leads NE from the breakwater then turns N into the entrance basin. Refer to NOAA Navigation Chart 18720 or 18725 for charted depth of the Harbor.

Colregs Demarcation Lines - The lines established for Channel Islands Harbor are described in 80.1122, chapter 2.

Coast Guard - The Channel Islands Harbor Coast Guard Station is just S of the Harbormaster's office. Search and rescue vessels are stationed there.

Harbor regulations - The harbor is administered by the Harbor Department, County of Ventura, with an office on the E side of the harbor about 400 yards N of the first bend in the channel. The harbor office has a limited number of guest slips. Transients should report to the harbormaster for slip assignments. The harbor patrol monitors VHF-FM channel 16, 24 hours a day. 

Repairs - Two full-service boat yards are located on the E side of the channel, about .5 mile N of the harbor office. 

Supplies - Gasoline and diesel fuel are pumped at a fuel dock on the E side of the harbor just N of the harbor office. Water, ice, snacks and limited marine supplies are available at the fuel dock.

A 147*51' - 327*51' measured nautical mile is off the breakwater and beach just N of the harbor entrance. The S range is marked by the breakwater S light and the S jetty light. The N range is marked by less visible poles on the beach.